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Dalton V.
La~ Hiya I'm Dalton ^^
and that's me being spesh...

Favourite genre of music: Classical, Rock, Visual Kie, Folk,
Favourite style of art: Sketch
Favourite cartoon character: Kisshu and Death The Kidd C:<
Personal Quote: Oh deary me, Oh deary my.
My poor DeviantART...I haven't forgotten about you darling, I surprisingly think about you often.  Unfortunately though, your cousin School is trying to steel me away from you. Save me?

...:|  the slight readings of going insane...


Hello everyone C:

How are we all??

Unfortunately, thanks to a lot of annoying excuses I haven't been able to reply to most comments and submit art.  I hate making excuses...but I think I'll make 3 exceptions.

EXCUSE1:   TOO MUCH SCHOOL WORK!!  First week back from school and I had 1-2 assessments for each subject due in 1-2 weeks.  I have faked being sick twice just so I can stay home and do my work!! TT^TT  I HATE GRADE 11!!
EXCUSE2:  My computer screen blew up on my second week of school :|  I had a spaz cause I had a lot of work due that I had to hand write everything...yay for broken hands C:

So yeah C:  it sucks!  and I apologize for everything TT^TT  I should be more free in 2 weeks time to answer stuff, but I still feel bad cause I like you guys a lot :'C

- Lest we forget.
- I was the only person in my school who got accepted into The Queensland Theater Company student group ^^~
- I'm now learning Japanese.  Yay~ it's hardish ^^;
- Finally saw Alice in Wonderland, it was goooood.  And I also was Kick Ass.  It looks bad..but it was so funny!! xD though I did cry...
- I missed animania thanks to my assessments TT^TT
- I FINISHED WATCHING THE WALLFLOWER - good anime! The girl in it is my anime crush :thumbsup: she's adorable xD;;
- THE MONSER GOES RAWRR FINALLY HAVE THEIR NEW SONG OUT!  CHECK IT!!… its the first song on their play list ;]

- In English we've all watched Billy Elliot twice and can pretty much quote it off the top of our heads. When my drama class went to the theater myself and 3 other students where saying our favorite quote. One being; "Toney, do you ever think about death?-", "F**K OFF!" was funny because the whole of my drama class yelled the last 2 words JUST when the preppy same-sex private school kids walked in. Oh their faces...xD
         While at that play we bumped into an actor we all knew from a previous performance. The girls pretty much had a spaz. So I started talking to him. I eventually asked, "So are you going to be taking your shirt off again?", and he replied, "I'm sure I can organize a private viewing ;P." I got a few Hi-5s for saying that, and another few people pulled my hair.  Jealous biatches ;P
Oh and I also scared an international student by licking my lips at him when he stuck his tongue out at me, sitting on Ronnie's lap on the bus and the stroking Ronnie's leg when he told me to admire his nicely shaven legs. Totally normal.


So I've decided.  You shouldn't let bloody school work or just annoying stuff take over you life.  Find something to look forward to.  Like, pretty much the whole of grade 11 wants to book out Lazy Force for a night and just, well, let go of all our work by blowing each other up with lasers C:

I leave you with some facebook groups that I can relate to the most atm xD
- Dear Math, Grow up and solve your own problems.
- Fuck this, I'm transferring to Hogwarts.
- Dear Homework, You're Not Attractive and I'm Not Doing You.
- I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER... something something... vegemite sandwich.
- I Tried Being Normal Once. Worst 5 Minutes of my Life.
- 12/22/12---"Where's your homework?"---"Ummm...I thought we were gonna die.",
- No. Your Wrong. So just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.

I wish I could procrastinate more but I mustn't T^T
  • Listening to: I'm a black belt in awesome - The Monser Goes Rawr
  • Reading: &quot;How to write an Analytical Essay&quot;
  • Playing: Microsoft Word. Sigh.
  • Eating: My mind.
  • Drinking: TEA!


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I love the simplicity of your art! It's so beautiful!

+watch :D
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Hey wats up havn't talked in ages?
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heeeeeeeey, hope life's not to harsh~

do your best)
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hope you like the llama badge :meow:
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It is :blush: it's my fav <3 xD
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